FreeMedSoft.com: free and open source software for secure, ethical and quality healthcare.

Incorporated in France, our information technology and free and open source software services company can reach out to every healthcare professional or structure in the world. We speak fluent english. We counsel individual or group medical practices, dispensaries, clinics and hospitals.

We intervene on personal computers, tablets, smartphones or servers running GNU / Linux, Android, Mac OS or Windows operating systems.

We install almost exclusively free and open source software. What is free and open source software?

We can set up free and open source Electronic Medical Record FreeMedForms on an individual work station or on multiple computers as a client-server infrastructure. FreeMedForms EMR / EHR flexible forms feature allows us to quickly design and code medical charts for any speciality and in any language, based on your statement of work. What you will get is an EMR tailored to your needs for a fraction of the cost of developing one from scratch. Various training, support and maintenance programs are available.

Healthcare professionals, community healthcare dispensaries, clinics or hospitals based in developing countries could benefit from our expertise in high quality, low cost solutions.

FreeMedSoft.com puts patients first: ethics, clinical safety, personal data security through strong encryption are our core values. We are totally independent from proprietary software industry and pharmaceutical firms.